Dog Theo hoodie w/pants
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Dog Theo hoodie w/pants
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Dog clothes: High quality hoodies with pants for dogs

Theo hoodies with pants are made from cotton. The pants are fastened to the jacket with cleverly placed buttons. This allows the jacket to be worn either on its own or with the pants depending on the weather or the occasion.

The hoodies with pants have a hood attached with snap buttons so it’s easy to take off if required. They are both very convenient for every day life of the dog. They also have a drawstring both in the hood and around the hips that can be tightened. These hoodies w/ pants keep the dogs warm and also protect them from the sun.

Theo hoodies with pants for dogs, come in seven sizes XS – XL and in many colors.


Body length:           Neck girth:      Chest girth:
XS 16.cm./6,3" - 20.cm./8" 18.cm./7,1" - 22.cm./8,9"
22.cm./8,7" - 28.cm./11,2"
S 21.cm./8,1" - 25.cm./10" 23.cm./9" - 26.cm./10,4" 29.cm./11,3" - 34.cm./13,6"
M 26.cm./10,1" - 30.cm./12" 27.cm./10,5" - 30.cm./12" 35.cm./13,7" - 40.cm./15,9"
L 31.cm./12,1" - 35.cm./14" 31.cm./12,1" - 34.cm./13,6" 41.cm./16" - 48.cm./19,1"
XL 36.cm./14,1" - 41.cm./16,3" 35.cm./13,7" - 38.cm./15,2" 49.cm./19,2" - 58.cm./23"

XS Chihuahua - Prazsky Krysarik
S Chihuahua - Prazsky Krysarik - Papillon
M Chihuahua - Papillon - Pomeranian - Yorkshire Terrier
L Papillon - Pomeranian - Siky Terrier - Cavalier - Westie - Pug
XL Cavalier - Westie - French Bulldog - Pug - Cocker Spaniel
Available Colors:
- Green Theo
- Green Camo
- Pink Theo
- Red
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