Dog Vest
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Dog Vest
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Dog clothes: High quality Vest for dogs

Vests are both wind - and waterproof. They are lined with micro fleece and mesh

The vests have hoods attached with snap buttons that can be easily removed. Under the hood is a collar. Beneath the collar is a small specially made hole which accommodates attaching a leash. They also have a drawstring both in the hood and around the hips that can be tightened.

Vests for dogs, come in seven sizes XS – 5XL and in many colors.


Body length:           Neck girth:      Chest girth:
XS 16.cm./6,3" - 20.cm./8" 18.cm./7,1" - 22.cm./8,9"
22.cm./8,7" - 28.cm./11,2"
S 21.cm./8,1" - 25.cm./10" 23.cm./9" - 26.cm./10,4" 29.cm./11,3" - 34.cm./13,6"
M 26.cm./10,1" - 30.cm./12" 27.cm./10,5" - 30.cm./12" 35.cm./13,7" - 40.cm./15,9"
L 31.cm./12,1" - 35.cm./14" 31.cm./12,1" - 34.cm./13,6" 41.cm./16" - 48.cm./19,1"
XL 36.cm./14,1" - 41.cm./16,3" 35.cm./13,7" - 38.cm./15,2" 49.cm./19,2" - 58.cm./23"
2XL 42.cm./16,4" - 48.cm./19,1" 39.cm./15,3" - 42.cm./16,7" 59.cm./23,1" - 68.cm./27"
3XL 49.cm./19,2" - 56.cm./22,2" 43.cm./16,8" - 46.cm./18,3" 69.cm./27,1" - 78.cm./30,9"
4XL 57.cm./22,3" - 66.cm./26,2" 47.cm./18,4" - 50.cm./19,8" 79.cm./31" - 88.cm./34,8"
5XL 67.cm./26,3" - 78.cm./30,7" 51.cm./19,9" - 54.cm./21,3" 89.cm./34,9" - 98.cm./38,7"


XS Chihuahua - Prazsky Krysarik
S Chihuahua - Prazsky Krysarik - Papillon
M Chihuahua - Papillon - Pomeranian - Yorkshire Terrier
L Papillon - Pomeranian - Siky Terrier - Cavalier - Westie - Pug
XL Cavalier - Westie - French Bulldog - Pug - Cocker Spaniel
2XL Cocker Spaniel - Border Collie - Basenji - Sheltie
3XL Springer Spaniel - Border Collie - Sheltie - Breton - Boxer
4XL Boxer - Dobermann - Rottweiler - Vizsla - Weimaraner
5XL Dobermann - Rottweiler
Available Colors:
- Black w/reflective pipeline
- Gray
- Green Camo
- Pink Camo
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